Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Do you ever think why people get afraid of visiting dentist?...

One of the main and common reason behind this, is the pain during the dental  treatment procedures.
But now it’s the time to change your mind. Sleep Dentistry can help you to get rid of your anxieties.

Sleep Dentistry in India

Sleep Dentistry also called Sedation Dentistry is a widely used dental procedure that puts the patients in a relaxed and anxiety free mood during the entire dental process. As the name implies sleep dentistry doesn't put the patients into sleep, by the help of some sedatives or painkillers it make a feel to patients that they are in a sleep state. Based on the nervous system the sedation ranges from minimal, moderate and deep.

Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic one of the Best Dental Implant Centre offers advanced Sleep Dentistry in India at affordable and reasonable cost. With the help of highly skilled and experienced doctors and staffs we provide a painless and comfort experience to our patients during the entire dental procedure. The most common forms of sedation that we are using in our clinic 
  • Intravenous(IV) Sedation - In this procedure drugs are injected into the blood. The flow of sedative is completely monitored by computer. Thus the force and pressure can be adjusted. The patients can feel a painless and comfortable state during the entire procedure.
  • Inhalation Sedation - Which is also known as ‘Laughing Gas’ method. In this method, nitrous oxide combined with oxygen is used as a sedative for putting the patients in a relaxed mood. In this method the doctor can control the amount of gas the patients receive.
Our Sleep Dentistry provides a pleasing experience to you. You can achieve little more comfort and relaxation during your dental procedures. With the help of high quality and latest dental treatments we provide extra care and attention to your teeth that it deserves.
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