Friday, 19 May 2017

Get Permanent Teeth in 3 Days

Missing tooth, whether it’s by accident, trauma, injury or decay, is a nightmare. Not only is it aesthetically degrading it affects functionalities like chewing, speaking and so on as well. Basal implants, a life changing contribution of implant dentistry now offers permanent teeth in 3 days.

Basal implant has brought about a revolution in the dental implant procedures, providing a faster, efficient and more advanced solution for replacing missing teeth. While conventional dental implant procedures took months for completion with a number of sittings and surgical procedures to implant the artificial teeth, basal implants have created a break through by simplifying the process.

The basal implant procedures, completes the teeth replacement procedure within a period of three days, with no wait periods. The procedure does not involve any surgeries and can be performed on all, irrespective of the age. Basal implants procedure does not demand any restrictions of food as well.

Basal Implant Procedure

The basal implant procedure is conducted after administering local anaesthesia. The main source of support for basal implants is the basal bones. The highly mineralised nature and absence of re-absorption makes it the ideal support structure. They also make it easier to make quick replacements, soon after the decayed tooth is removed.

The implants are placed on the first day itself. If it has to be replaced after removing decayed teeth, the procedure is conducted soon after the removal process is over. The measurements for the artificial teeth or crown to be placed on the implants are done on the same day as well.

The wax trials are conducted on the next day to check compatibility and to ascertain the shape size, nature and appearance of the teeth. The permanent teeth are fixed on the next day. Bite equilibration process is also conducted.

Benefits of Procedure

The various benefits of basal implants offering permanent teeth in 3 days are as follows: -
  • High success rate of above 98%
  • Does not require bone grafts or sinus lifts
  • Offers fast and effective solution for missing teeth
  • Cost effective procedure
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