Monday, 27 March 2017

Healthy Gums... Happy Smiles...

Gum problems, though not as common as dental issues, are not rare. Classified as periodontics, gum problems range from gum diseases to aesthetic issues that hamper our smile. Gum problem treatment is generally done to cure periodontal diseases and to correct irregularity in gums with the help of techniques like gum contouring.

The most common gum disease found today is gingivitis. It is the mildest form of gum disorder characterised by bleeding, swollen and red gums. Gingivitis when untreated leads to severe gum diseases called periodontitis. It destroys the gum tissues and weakens the bones leading to falling of teeth.
Factors for Gum diseases
  • Smoking and substance abuse
  • Diabetes
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Age and genetic predisposition
LANAP is an advanced replacement for conventional gum problem treatment involving a surgical therapy that aims in curing the disease through regeneration than resection. The surgery is minimally invasive and utilises laser light for the removal of inflamed tissue around the gum. They are then regenerated during the process of healing. 

LANAP is highly beneficial in targeted tissue removal and does not affect the normal, healthy ones.

Gum contouring is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to correct the gum line and helps in smile design. It is done in cases when the gums are very high or low over the teeth. It is also known as tissue sculpting or gum reshaping.
Though it is mostly done as part of aesthetic treatment, it is done to treat gum recession due to periodontal diseases. This helps in avoiding severe dental diseases like tooth decay and loss. Gum receding leads to damage of teeth support structures like bones and gum.
With a mission to offer quality dental treatment at affordable and realistic rates, Chinthamani Dental Clinic, Chennai provides specialised gum problem treatments with the help of laser technology. It also specialises in aesthetic treatment measures like gum contouring and dental implants.

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