Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Bite Correction for A Healthy Smile

Bite Correction is the precise reshaping and recontouring of your teeth to obtain an ideal minimum stress bite. When the bite goes wrong severe headache and jaw pain will be experienced. A poor bite can cause social anxiety, TMJ discomfort, premature wear of the teeth and enamel, speech difficulties and increase the chance of injury to teeth and jaw joints if not treated properly.


Bite Correction Treatment

Computerized bite analysis or T-scan System is mapping software that helps the dentists to identify occlusions. When there is a dental problem is detected or suspected this T-scan technology helps to analyze and adjust the patients’ bite.

Using T-scan’s digital bite force data, dentists could accurately pinpoint the occlusal interferences; quickly treat the patients with huge accuracy. T-scan’s visual aids the patients to understand their occlusion and treatments better to balance the bite forces. The new version of T-scan software makes to analyze digital occlusion data easier than ever before.

Tooth break, gum diseases, TMJ disorders can be due to the unstable bite. Proper teeth alignment, pain alleviation and making the mouth to close well, makes the smile attractive are the features of the bite correction.

Benefits of T-scan

Helps to identify fractured, traumatized teeth, identifies TMJ discomfort, unstable splints and porcelain failure.

Chinthamani Laser Dental clinic & Implant center provides all types of dentistry treatments. High-end technologies such as T-scan help to treat the patients with biting problems. Dr. C. Murugavel is the most popular TMJ Specialist in Chennai and the only person who does Bite Correction in Chennai using T-Scan.


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