Thursday, 6 July 2017

Rediscover Your Smile With Immediate Loading Basel Implant

Dental implants have been the only option for the people from many years who are suffered from lost or bad teeth. Traditional implants include implants placing and tooth restoration after 3 to 6 months.  This time frame is important for attaching bone and gums to the implant. Sometimes, this time frame seems too long and uncomfortable but it provides much relief and comfort after completing the procedure. Immediate loading implants are considered as a better option in comparison to delayed implants.

The Procedure

  • Placing the implant in the proper position
  • Verify initial stability 
  • Placing a definitive tooth colored abutment
  • Placing a provisional with no occlusal contact in centric or excursive movements
The success of the outcome will depend on patient selection, and surgical techniques and skills. Certain factors influence immediate loading implant. They are
  • Implant features
  • Bone quality and quantity
  • Initial stability


  • Include only one surgical procedure for the patient
  • Short treatment time 
  • No need to uncover the implant
  • Fixed provision is possible
Immediate loading implant provides benefits in implant design that enables a shortened treatment time without compromising esthetic results. Immediate loading implant treatment reduces the length of the treatment, removes the requirements for removable appliances, and enhances esthetics by helping to maintain soft and hard tissue levels.

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Permanent Teeth in 3 Days (72 Hours) !!!

Dental implant treatment is a boom for the people with no teeth. The traditional dental implants treatment process was taking a long time to implant teeth but the technique of permanent teeth in 3 days provides a minimum time frame to implant permanent fixed bridges. Dental Implant is now quite popular and people are interested to replace teeth in a supervision of expert doctor. This technique is more safe and reliable than traditional techniques. This techniques is suitable for the person having
  • Missing teeth
  • Difficulty in eating
  • Unpleasant smile
  • Damaged or decayed teeth
  • Periodontal problems

Permanent teeth in 3 days technique can be

  • placed instantly after extraction
  • loaded instantly
  • Heals better and quickly
  • Placed flawless and spotless
  • Smooth surface implants
  • Highly resistant to infections
  • Needed less maintenance
  • No need to bone resorption
  • Good for diabetic patients, smokers
  • Avoid any additional surgical process
Permanent teeth in 3 days is excellent technique for immediate implants that helps on focusing on immediate loadable techniques and implants. The permanent teeth in 3 days technique is commonly used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, upper or lower teeth, full mouth of teeth. The technique provides a notable comfort, aesthetics and predictability. The technique is so good that a person with missing teeth can go for implant and back with a new set of fixed permanent teeth within 3 days.

Benefits of Permanent Teeth in 3 days

  • Taking minimum time frame
  • Require minimum recovery time
  • No need for bone grafting
  • Easy maintenance
  • Eliminate problem of removing again and again
  • Provides long term results
Basically treatment plans are based on patient situation. Permanent Teeth in 3 days is a more comfortable technique and provide a constant relief to the patient to eat and chew food.

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