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Ever wonder how Gum Problem Treatment saves your smile

If you are searching for gum problem treatment then you must read this article.

Gum disease, or “periodontal disease,” is a fairly common issue that ranges from mild gum bleeding to a more serious problem that can affect the anatomy of your mouth.In the worst cases, the result will be teeth lose.

But, don't worry. It is treatable and completely curable in most cases. With the help of Laser assisted New Attachment Procedure, our expert team at Chindamani Laser Dental Clinic can help you prevent, remove, and even reverse gum disease.

Common causes of Gum Diseases

May be the remaining of plaque on your teeth and underneath gum tissues can be the reason for your gum problem. Here the bacteria in the plaque cause the gums to become inflamed.

Get more insight to Gum Diseases and Treatments

Bleeding gums warns you about your gum disease.Usually, gum bleeding leads to a condition called gingivitis, or inflamed gums.The most effective treatment for this is to remove plaque bacteria from your teeth that are causing the gum bleeding. 

Also known as tissue sculpting or gum reshaping. It can even out an uneven gum line and gift you the perfect smile.The unevenness of your gum line may be because of a particular health problem, genetics, or use of certain drugs.With the involvement of laser dentistry, this is getting done with the better perfection.

The LANAP procedure is less invasive than traditional flap surgery. It is more comfortable. The procedure also improves the body’s ability to restore  the damage caused by the infection

Answer the following to check if your gums are showing the symptoms of gum diseases 

  • Do you suffer from continuous bad breath?
  • Do you find your gums bleed while you brush your teeth or when you have hard food?
  • Do you ever find frequent sores in your mouth?
  • Do your gums ever felt swollen or tender?
  • Have you noticed that your gums are pulling back from your teeth
  • Do your teeth appear longer than before?
  • Have you found pus between your teeth and gums?
  • Have you noticed any change in your teeth alignment when you bite?

If  you answered  “yes” to any of the above questions, 
then your gums are effected with some gum diseases.

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We at Chinthamani Dental Clinic, Chennai will help you to keep your mouth gum disease free with the routine checkups and provide the best LANAP treatment in tamilnadu, if you are already suffering from periodontal disease.

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