Sunday, 1 February 2015

Improve your smile with Cosmetics Dental Treatments

Today Cosmetics dentistry is very popular which deals with the various dental treatments. The main aim of cosmetics dentistry is used various techniques to improve the appearance of person’s teeth. Cosmetics dentistry is a main area of dental treatments. So that cosmetics dentistry having vital role of dental care or treatments in dental clinic in Chennai.
Cosmetics dentistry includes number of treatments to solve the dental problems, generally they are:
Teeth whitening
 Teeth whitening or bleaching is most familiar treatments used for common peoples. Whitening treatments used to restore the natural whiteness of teeth. Teeth whitening are important for those Peoples who have the habit of smoking, using tobacco or certain drinks that stain the teeth and it will reduce the normal whiteness of teeth.
Teeth whitening using different procedure they are laser cleaning, chemical gel bleaching etc. Main advantage of teeth whitening is to give a natural whiteness of our teeth.
Bonding procedure is used when tooth having excess space, broken, cracked or stained. Dentist used bonding material to fill the problem in the tooth and get a natural shape for the teeth. The main goal of filling is to prevent the tooth fro decaying.
Veneers are last longer than bonding. Artificial tooth are placed in veneer treatment. If the tooth having broken or cracked remove the tooth and placed an artificial tooth instead of damaged tooth. The main advantage of veneer treatments are long lasting and give a natural looks for the teeth.
Crown or cap which cover the tooth completely and restoring the natural shape for the tooth. Crown are used

  •  Dental implant procedure
  •  Restore broken or cracked teeth
  •  Protecting a weak teeth

Bridge are used when a teeth is missing from the normal place. Help of adjacent tooth a bridge is placed in missing tooth. A conventional bridge has replacement teeth that are attached to cap. The caps are cemented over the natural tooth on either side of the space to be filled.
Now a day Braces are commonly used procedure. They are correcting the irregular position of tooth or jaws. Metallic or invisible braces are placed in the irregular position of tooth. For the regular use of braces irregular position of tooth is came to correct position.
Dental implant is used to protect the teeth from decaying. Implants need surgical procedure to place a metallic post in gums and artificial cap or crown is placed in the metallic post.
Needs of dental implants

  • Missing tooth
  • Tooth decay
  • Problem in wearing dentures